Skills Programme 2 in Banking: Mortgage Finance





Programme Title SAQA ID NQF Credits
Skills Programme 2 in Banking: Mortgage Finance 20185 Level 4 30
Unit Standard Title
Apply knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings on life related problems 7468 4 6
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a mortgage bond as a form of debt security 13418 4 6
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of ownership of property relevant to mortgage finance 13415 4 4
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of property concepts associated with mortgage finance 13403 4 4
Present options to a borrower concerning affordability of mortgage finance 13304 5 10





The programme duration is 37 days. This includes time to complete assignments, research and self-studies.



Grade 11/ 12 with Mathematics



All learner manuals are included in the tuition fee.




R 8000.00



Additional assessment fees may be applicable.



Formative and summative assessments will assess all specific outcomes and adhere to all assessment criteria of the learning programme. If a learner chooses to complete all the Skills Programmes in this full qualification, then at the end a final summative assessment (FSA) will be conducted to determine whether the exit level outcomes have been achieved.


Module Title Credits Formative Assessments Summative Assessments
PoE Activities Test Exam
Skills Programme 2 in Banking 30 1 1
Work Integrated Learning N/A Logbook N/A N/A



Upon successful completion of the programme, learners will receive AWCI PROPERTY INSTITUTE Results Letter outlining the unit standards covered and if the PoE is found competent, AWCI PROPERTY INSTITUTE will apply to BANKSETA on the learner’s behalf for Skills Programme 1 in Banking: part of SAQA ID 20185 (Credits 30) to be awarded.

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